You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide a wide range of services. Our mission is to always provide the best solution for you.

Our business production has a service model that allows us to fulfill the needs of each company, thanks to an automation formula in the development and conservation of the required products. This facilitates an improvement in our efficiency and increases our productivity per hour of work which gives us best results and better prices.

LOPERIN, is an independent company, with a wide

and very important control of commodities in the world. We have provided global energy and mineral solutions with an excellent performance.







Our team

Gabriel Lillo J.

President Loperin


With 15 years of experience in mining and as the Chairman of the board, Gabriel is the main developer of the trading of Commodities, such as copper, gold and oil derivatives, all of them as large-scale business.

He has knowledge in international trade law, banking and investment platform and high performance organizations.

Francisco De la Fuente M.

Vice President Loperin


With 10 years of experience in mining and, he has a Master´s degree in Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship he Is also a Commercial Engineer from  La Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.  He has a specialization in "Technology Entrepreneurship Education Program" developed by UTFSM - Intel University of California, Berkeley.

Francisco is in charge of the commercialization projects of Commodities such as oil, minerals and metals. As Executive Vice President of Loperin Group he provides great solutions to the challenges we face.  He is also a Professor at different universities in Chile.

Gustavo Aguirre T.

Chief Executive Officer Loperin


With 23 years of experience in mining and 20 years in  the  commodities market,  in charge of certifying  and assuring  the quality of the different products.  Gustavo has a Masters degree in Mineral Management “from the Universidad Catholica de Chile, he is also a Civil Industrial Engineer” graduated from “La Universidad de Chile ".  He has a diploma in Development and project management, and another Diploma in mining production planification.


He is in charge of providing solutions and finding profitable businesses for our company.

Maria José Arce R.

Legal Director Commerce & Supply Chain


María José has been in the mining industry for over 15 years, trading precious metals, such as gold, jade, silicon, among others.

She has a wide experience in minerals and metals trading.

As Director of the Legal Department of the LOPERIN, she is in charge of taking over the business and verifying the different commitments assumed by our company. María José is in control of the commercial sector with our suppliers and she manages our legal area.

Manuel Palma A.

Director of Management and Logistics


With over 25 years of experience in the transport market.

Manuel is in charge of providing solutions in operations and logistics, calculating the exact timing to efficiently deliver to our customers.

His priority is that our clients have the absolute certainty and satisfaction that our products will arrive with their proper documents and at the stipulated time at destination.